Raspberry Pi Server

8 Hours
High School, Adult
What is Raspberry Pi Server?
In device-to-device communication, the server (could be a Raspberry Pi) is a broker; while the clients (the edge-of-network devices) are the subscribers and publishers. To mediate the communication between the two devices, clients connect to the broker. Each device can subscribe to a particular topic. When another client publishes a message on a subscribed topic, the broker forwards the message to the clients that have subscribed.
Why Raspberry Pi Server?
A Raspberry Pi can do more than just the basics. You can run it as a server to make all the things interact with each other. Take a home IoT project as an example. Getting one or two devices to talk to each other is easy enough. But if you want to extend your IoT network with more devices, you will need an organized system to link everything together. Raspberry Pi Server can act as the heart of the IoT network, allowing quick and intermittent snippets of data between devices.

Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • Package installation
  • Hello World
  • RESTful API


  • Introduction
  • Package installation
  • Connect with python
  • Data model
  • CRUD operation


  • Introduction
  • MQTT broker
  • MQTT client

Learning Outcome

By setting up a Raspberry Pi web server, you will be able to connect and control several IoT devices from anywhere using different networks as long as you have an Internet connection.

You will experience the MongoDB operation and your Python programming skills will be improved.


Possible Projects

Web server

IoT hub

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for those who have basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi programming. If you are a high school student or an adult, you can join this course to have fun.
This is an 8 hours course. You will have 4 classes; 2 hours per class.
You can discuss with the tutor what time works best for you.
This course is open to students who have completed the Python for Pi course.
You can talk with our tutor either in English or Cantonese.
We will borrow you a Raspberry Pi and some components for your projects during the course period. However, you will need to prepare your own monitor, keyboard, mouse, and internet connection (via a Wi-Fi network or an ethernet cable).
You can register for the course via the contact form.
Feel free to contact us with some information on your background and what you hope to learn. We can then provide some personalized course advisement.