Python for Pi

8 Hours
Junior High, High School, Adult
What is Python?
Python is a perfect programming language for newbies. Because its syntax is similar to the English language, you don’t have to worry about many complicated concepts. Not limited to beginners, Python is now heavily used in modern applications (IoT enabled), web development, scientific research, and many other industries.
Why Python with Raspberry Pi?
The Pi in ‘Raspberry Pi’ refers to ‘Python’. Python comes built-in on the Raspberry Pi. That means you can first learn Python without needing to configure anything. With Raspberry Pi, you will have a broader understanding of how things work which leads you to write great programs.

Course Outline


  • Hello world
  • Variable type
  • Condition and flows
  • Functions
  • Lists and dictionary
  • Loops


  • Installation
  • LED control
  • Servo control
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Motion sensor

Learning Outcome

Learning Python with Raspberry Pi will able you to write programs producing real physical results,

while also learning more about computer science in general, system administration, hardware, etc.


Possible projects

Automatic rubbish bin

Security system

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for beginners who have some knowledge in programming, electronics, or anything else. Whatever the reason or your age, you can join this course to have fun.
This is an 8 hours course. You will have 4 classes; 2 hours per class.
You can discuss with the tutor what time works best for you.
This course is open to students who have completed the Raspberry Pi Basic course.
You can talk with our tutor either in English or Cantonese.
We will borrow you a Raspberry Pi and some components for your projects during the course period. However, you will need to prepare your own monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
You can register for the course via the contact form.
Feel free to contact us with some information on your background and what you hope to learn. We can then provide some personalized course advisement.