Arduino Basics

8 Hours
Junior High, High School, Adult
What is Arduino Basics?
Arduino is a programmable circuit board. Together with a variety of development kits, and ready-made software, it provides a low-cost and easy way for beginner hobbyists to professional to build a digital device. Arduino acts as a gateway between the real world and the digital world, allowing the device to interact with the environment using sensors and actuators. Automatic rubbish bin, security system, robotic arm are some interesting project ideas for beginners to start with.
Why Arduino Basics?
An Arduino project marries together circuits, coding, DIY, problem-solving, and creativity disciplines. Its cost-effective and easily accessible makes Arduino is awesome for beginners looking to get started with electronics and programming. Electronics wise, the Arduino board is equipped with sets of digital and analog input/output (I/O), UART, I2C pins. These industry-standard interfaces enable you to use a broad variety of development kits on the market today. Programming-wise, Arduino is a simplified version of the C++ programming language, which is an easier path to entering the programming world.

Course Outline


  • What can it do
  • How to play with it


  • Software download
  • Upload firmware

I/O with mBlock

  • Installation
  • LED control
  • Servo control
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Motion sensor

Learning Outcome

You will use a single-board microcontroller to develop interactive objects for your favour project. You will learn about the fundamentals of circuits, and code Arduino to start building a smart device that will sense the environment and respond accordingly.


Possible Projects

Automatic rubbish bin

Security system

Robotic arm

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for beginners who don’t have prior knowledge in programming, electronics, or anything else. Whatever the reason or your age, you can join this course to have fun.
This is an 8 hours course. You will have 4 classes; 2 hours per class.
You can discuss with the tutor what time works best for you.
This course is open to students of all backgrounds and has no prerequisites.
You can talk with our tutor either in English or Cantonese.
We will borrow you an Arduino board and some components for your projects during the course period. However, you will need to prepare your own computer for programming purposes.
You can register for the course via the contact form.
Feel free to contact us with some information on your background and what you hope to learn. We can then provide some personalized course advisement.