iPlanter - Romance of Technology

The iPlanter development team invested all their effort into building the machine, ultimately creating a fully automated hydroponic system. The romance of it lies in making expensive technology accessible to everyone, allowing anyone to enjoy the convenience it brings.

iPlanter - Romance of Technology

The Beginning of iPlanter

It all began with a story of going to buy vegetables after work.

For the sake of his own and his family's health, he would buy fresh vegetables every day. But it wasn't always a guarantee that he could buy fresh vegetables every day.

Sometimes he would finish work late and the market would only have a few spoiled vegetables left, which he couldn't pick. On windy and rainy days, the vegetables in the market became expensive and there were few options. Even if he managed to buy fresh vegetables, he worried about residual pesticides and had to spend a lot of time washing them clean.

He had the idea of "growing his own vegetables". When it comes to indoor planting, only soilless cultivation is possible. So, he bought several large hydroponic systems and placed them on his balcony, hoping to achieve self-sufficiency in vegetable supply.

However, having a hydroponic machine was not a one-time solution. He needed to prepare nutrient solution from time to time and monitor whether there was enough sunlight.

He wanted a fully automated system, but unfortunately there was none on the market. So, he embarked on the road of "building his own hydroponic vegetable machine".

"He" is the founder of iPlanter.

iPlanter - Romance of Technology

The romance of iPlanter lies in democratizing expensive equipment, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the convenience that technology brings.

One of the biggest selling points of iPlanter is its ability to automatically adjust the optimum nutrient solution concentration. Expensive sensors are required to read the nutrient solution concentration.

There are also some amateur developers in the industry who develop machines that can automatically adjust the nutrient solution concentration. However, they spare no cost and use some industrial-grade parts, without finding ways to reduce costs so that more people can benefit.

The iPlanter development team invested all their effort into building the machine. During the planting process, you don't need to worry about it and can easily grow your favorite vegetables.

The Romance of Technology Spreading

Romance may seem silly. But it is precisely because of its purity that it can change the world.

Hong Kong is a very dense city, and most people's living spaces are very limited, making it unsuitable for placing large hydroponic machines.

Codeble's iPlanter is actually a hydroponic controller that can be connected to any hydroponic frame. You can buy hydroponic frames on Taobao or make your own shelves and connect them with water hoses. You can design, control, and manage how the planting frame matches your home.

By the way, we are developing a hydroponic frame that is very suitable for use in Hong Kong and will be launched soon. Stay tuned.

With iPlanter, you can grow vegetables that are rich in water and have a crisp, sweet taste with little time and effort, bringing a sense of achievement.

The romance of iPlanter lies in our serious use of technology to solve the most basic problems in life - food problems. Hong Kong cannot be self-sufficient in food, weather can affect the supply of fresh vegetables, and planting vegetables in soil can retain a large amount of residual pesticides... iPlanter is the starting point to solve these problems. As long as everyone takes the first step, the world will change because of this step.

iPlanter is the romance of technology. Let us spread this romance.